Why was my Ladder round removed?

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 02:54 PM

Why was my Ladder score removed? 

There are instances where our player protection team will remove scores from Ladders due to suspicious activities; however, score removal is employed in most cases for Lobby Smurfing. 

What is Lobby Smurfing?
Lobby Smurfing is actively teaming up with lower-ranked players to abuse the hidden MMR to face lower-ranked opponents. While we appreciate that playing with your friends, even if lower ranked is something you can do in Valorant, this can be used to take advantage of our Leaderboards. Where you face less skilled opponents, it enables you to achieve scores beyond what you would if playing against players of your actual rank. 

To ensure the competitive integrity of Stryda we expect all players on our platform to play at their actual skill level.

Users will receive a warning via email when scores are removed from the Ladder for this reason.

We take this approach with Lobby smurfing rather than suspending or banning your account because the game is designed to allow you to play with lower-ranked players but actively using this method to take advantage of our leaderboards will run the risk of having your scores removed and continued use may result in harsher penalties. 

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