Community Code of Conduct

Modified on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 11:30 AM

The Community Code of Conduct applies to all spaces in which players on Stryda can interact with us or one another, such as Clan chats, Discord, Customer Support, and other Social Media. 

It is by no means exhaustive, which means we will moderate and remove content we deem unsuitable, even if not directly stated, where we can do so.

As a company, we continually work to improve our services and internal policies, educating ourselves and striving to address our biases. This ensures a safe, healthy, and positive experience on our platform and community spaces. 

Zero Tolerance

This section covers our zero-tolerance rules. We expect all players to abide by these. 

1. Anti-discrimination

We stand firmly against harassment based on

  • Race, 

  • Color, 

  • Religion, 

  • Gender, 

  • National origin, 

  • Age,

  • Disability, 

  • Sexual orientation, 

  • Any other status or characteristic protected by law.

2. Be respectful

We ask everyone in our community to respect each other. The gaming world is large and diverse, and you’re likely to interact with people whose personalities and opinions differ from yours. 

  • Please don’t attack, insult, or harass other players or members of the Stryda staff.

  • If you experience anyone being rude to you or other community members, please do not engage/argue with them.

Reach out to our Community team on Discord or our Support staff if you feel a situation is getting out of control.

3. Keep it lawful.

Do not engage in topics of conversation that discuss any form of criminal activity, including:

  • Cheating

  • Hacking

  • Exploiting our platform*

  • Exploiting games we support on Stryda

  • Exploiting other companies, organizations, or persons

*This includes discussing or taking advantage of bugs or technical issues that are not intentional.

4. No NSFW content.

We do not tolerate content that is considered “Not Safe for Work.” This includes:

  • Pornographic, disturbing, gory, or excessively violent materials

  • Overly harsh swearing and cursing 

  • Older terms and phrases which are considered offensive by today’s standards

A note on swearing

We understand swear words might get used, but when directed at someone to insult, harass or attack them intentionally, that is not okay.

Keep in mind our platform is intended for players 16 years or older. While we do what we can to prevent minors from undue access to Stryda, there is always the possibility that someone underage could be exposed to our community spaces. In general, if a word you want to use is commonly considered inappropriate for a minor, we advise steering clear of it to protect everyone.

5. Privacy

Stryda accounts are non-transferable and cannot be sold, exchanged, traded, or shared. As well as being against the rules, selling or sharing your account puts you at risk from scammers.

  • Keep your login details safe, and don’t give them to anyone else.

  • Stryda staff will never ask you for your account password.

  • Keep your gaming accounts secure.

We do not condone:

  • Selling, exchanging, trading, or sharing game accounts on our platform. 

This activity is almost always against other developers' Terms of Service. We cannot be responsible for any penalization you receive from them due to this or damages you might incur if you engage in this activity.

It is also forbidden to post malicious or otherwise harmful content that could compromise an individual’s property or rights, such as

  • IP Loggers.

  • Malware.

  • Keyloggers.

  • Phishing/Scam links.

  • Leaking, exposing, or doxing personal information like emails, addresses, and other sensitive data. Even if it’s yours, fake, or a joke.

For your safety

Do not click on links sent from people you do not fully trust or when you cannot verify the source is legitimate.

  • If you suspect a link could be harmful, please report it through the appropriate channels.  

For additional information about your privacy and how we handle your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Other Consideration 

This section covers other scenarios we monitor in our community spaces, and we recommend our community members keep them in mind.

They may require more context when moderating and be less penalized if it occurs, but we will still take action where necessary.

Below, we may give platform-specific examples of how these considerations are applied, such as in our Discord server or Clan chat. Still, it applies to all spaces where our community can communicate together and where we have the power to moderate.

1. Nicknames, Avatars, Clan pictures, Statuses, etc.

We ask that players interacting on Stryda and our other community spaces keep the following free from potentially harmful content and NSFW images or phrases. 

  • Avatars

  • Nicknames, Usernames

  • Clan names

This also includes impersonation or parody accounts and applies especially to:

  • Impersonating Stryda Staff

  • Government officials

  • Actors, Pro players, or well-known persons

You could be asked to change these, or they may be changed on your behalf if we have the power to do so. Where this applies: 


Server staff can change the nickname displayed on our server. 


We can change usernames and Clan names and remove inappropriate images or texts uploaded to our platform. 

In the worst cases, you may be removed from our Discord server or receive a suspension on the Stryda platform. This can happen without warning if we deem something highly  inappropriate. 

2. Quality

We understand not everyone is the best writer in the world, but we ask that you maintain the quality of your interactions in our community spaces.

Try to provide context to shared images, links, and other media so everyone can engage and have meaningful conversations.

3. Spoken language


On Discord, our official language of communication is English. We understand that English may not be your first language, so we recommend using a translator. This may change as our capability to moderate more languages changes.

Clan Chat

While it's possible to interact in your preferred language, please respect the one specified by the Clan Leader.

These guidelines and our Terms and Conditions still apply. Using another language will not exempt you from moderation if we see inappropriate behavior.

4. Stay on Topic

Generally, we advise not discussing,

  • Politics, government officials, and religion

These can often lead to heated conversations and arguments. Even if you are talking about them in good faith, our community spaces are probably not the place for these conversations.

We are a gaming community, and you are better off finding spaces dedicated to those discussions.


The Discord server has specific channels with assigned topics; please keep the conversations relevant to those topics and Stryda and gaming.

Clan Chat

While no channels or specific topics are set, be respectful of others’ conversations. 

  • Try not to derail or change subjects mid-conversation.

  • Try to join in or wait for that conversation to be over before bringing up something else.

5. Spam-free

In some situations, spam can be fun and appropriate. However, no one generally likes spam, whether from a human or a bot. For a healthy chat, we recommend you avoid filling the chat with the following. 

  • Nonsense or copypasta

  • Single letters, 

  • Waterfall typing, 

  • Excessive emoji, stickers, or gifs

6. Sticker/Gif/Emoji Use

Do not use gifs/stickers//emojis that are inappropriate, depict actual violence, or are considered NSFW.

7. Alt accounts and Bots


Please do not use unapproved bots or alt accounts on our Discord server, especially when trying to circumvent warnings, bans, or other moderation. 

Clan Chat

Creating or using multiple Stryda accounts is strictly against our Terms of Service and will result in a ban from the platform.

8. Self-promotion


We accept self-promotion from content creators that stream or create gaming videos for YouTube, Twitch, etc. If you have a channel you want to promote in Discord, please use the appropriate channels. 

  • Do not promote anything else without permission. 

If unsure, ask the Community team to double-check. The following promotion is not permitted in our server

  • Yours or other Discord servers (without express permission)

  • Your business or services

  • Begging for or selling goods of any kind. 

Clan Chat

It's up to the Clan Leader to decide what they feel is an acceptable promotion in the chat, but we still advise against using them to beg for, sell, or trade goods of any kind for security purposes. It could lead to your personal information and privacy getting exploited.

9. Disagreements with other community members

While we hope that all players can get along and respect each other, there can be times when you don't see eye to eye with somebody else, and that's okay.

To maintain a healthy and positive environment – If you feel a conversation or topic you are discussing is getting out of control or something you are no longer comfortable with, we recommend you remove yourself from the situation, no matter who started it. 


You can limit your communication with those you do not get along with by blocking them, so they cannot engage with you in direct messages; this will also make it so you cannot see what they say in the server channels.

You can also report them directly to Discord if they are breaking their Terms of Service, especially if they send you harmful, malicious, or potentially illegal content, in direct messages, for example.

Clan Chat

The Clan Leader can remove messages and even kick members that are disruptive to the Clan. You can ask the Clan Leader to remove any posts from members that you feel are inappropriate or go against these guidelines.

The Clan leader also has guidelines to help them with disruptive situations and should follow these to the best of their ability. Failing to do so could result in moderative action or bans if we feel the Clan Leader is purposefully creating a space that does not align with our values..

Ultimately, if you do not like the Clan you are in, you can leave and try to find a better one more suited to you.

How to report something that concerns you

If you see something in any of our community spaces that concerns you, or you are directly involved in a situation with other community members that make you feel your safety and well-being are compromised, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do not attempt to take actions into your own hands; threaten or harass another member with moderation action. Simply reach out to us with all relevant information so we can assess the situation, advise you on what to do, or take action ourselves if necessary.


In our Discord server, you can use this channel to open up a ticket with the Community team to resolve situations you have encountered on the server.

We keep a close eye on the chats and participate in active moderation, but there are times when things get missed. Do not hesitate to reach out and let us know if there is something you feel needs to be reviewed.

Clan Chat

If you are subject to harassment or see behavior in a Clan that goes against these guidelines or breaches our Terms of Service, we recommend the following:

  • Speak to your Clan Leader, who can delete such messages or kick troublesome members from the Clan. 

  • If the leader refuses to do so or is part of the problem, create a ticket with our customer support team.

  • Once you have made a report, leave the Clan in question and try to find one with better like-minded people.

So that we can act as efficiently and accurately as possible on reports made to us, please read the detailed description of how to make a report here. 

Failing to provide us with the required information may be considered an attempt to waste our time or a form of false reporting. If your claim is legitimate, it is in your best interest to provide us with all the information requested. 

A note on false reporting:

Players who create false reports as harassment or griefing to try and get innocent players on our platform penalized or banned from Stryda will be subject to the same consequences as others who violate our guidelines and Terms of Service. It applies to reports concerning Clan chat on our Discord server and false claims of cheating and abusing our platform.

Consequences of not following our guidelines and Terms and Conditions

When signing up for our platform, all players agree to our Terms and Conditions and the consequences of breaking them; this includes abiding by our Community Code of Conduct when interacting in those spaces.

We appreciate that context matters, and when reports get made will review them carefully before making any decisions. However, if we see players opposing these guidelines, you may be banned from our Discord server, Clans, or Stryda.

Note: Moderation actions include being kicked, timed out, or temporarily or permanently banned, depending on the severity.

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