Stryda Ban Clarification

Modified on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 10:59 AM

We are always aiming for Ladders to be fun to play, but we are also committed to maintaining the competitive integrity of all competitions on our service.

In this article, we would like to go over some of the Stryda rules and provide clarification on actions we see some players engaging in that will lead to receiving a ban on Stryda.

Remember that we never issue bans without reason–we want all players to be active and succeed on Stryda, whether from playing Missions or Ladders. However, all players must follow the Stryda rules. So, this will serve as a guide to your continued success on Stryda.

Note: We investigate all accounts thoroughly before taking any action. You always have the option to appeal your ban by contacting Customer Support and the Player Protection team if you disagree, or feel we have made a mistake.

We value honesty above all else, so being open with us about your ban is in your best interest.

Ban reasons

Additional Stryda accounts 

This is one of our most important rules, but it is often a reason someone may receive a ban, either through misunderstanding or intent to abuse the Stryda platform.

You are only permitted to have one Stryda account, there is never a reason to create an additional account without consent from Customer Support.

If found to own an additional Stryda account, the following will happen:
  • If you own multiple accounts and you’re actively using all of them on the Stryda platform, you will receive a 1 week ban.
  • If you have not used the additional accounts, we will let you off with just a warning. We will permanently ban the other accounts, but you will retain access to the Stryda account with most activity or your first .
  • If you create an additional Stryda account, while already having an account that is banned for any reason, you will be punished for Ban Evasion. This will increase the ban duration on your main Stryda account, and the additional account will be permanently banned.

Sometimes, accounts can be created by misunderstanding our rules. So, if you have created an additional account, only to learn it's against the rules of Stryda, we strongly advise you to contact Customer Support and letting us know. We will ban the additional account(s) for you without sending a warning or applying a ban. 

When engaging with Stryda, to maintain competitive integrity, all players should only ever play from one game account per game we support. For example, a player can have one account for League of Legends, one for Rocket League, one for VALORANT, and so on. That game account

Stats Manipulation
Stat manipulation is when the players take various actions in order to alter their score in-game to reach higher stats than what is typically possible.

Examples of Stats Manipulation can be, but are not limited to: 
  • Queuing with lower level/rank teammates to get weaker opponents.
  • Queuing with lots of people in order to match with friends being on the opposite team, which allows you to cooperate and farm kills.
  • Asking the opposing team to give you kills.
  • Asking teammates to let you have the kills.
  • Sharing either your Stryda or game account with a higher ranking friend so they can participate in Ladders for you.
  • Abusing when an opponent that is AFK.

Essentially, this can mean any behavior that leads to you no longer playing the game as intended to get any advantage possible in our competitions.'

Ban Appeal
As mentioned previously, we never ban players without reason, and we don't particularly enjoy doing it, but it is sometimes necessary. We want to give all players the chance to reach out and appeal their bans, and learn from any mistakes.

To appeal a ban, you must create a ticket with Customer Support. They, together with Player Protection, will help guide you through the whole process.

Each type of ban has its own appeal process, and you may be asked for various information to help us make a decision on your appeal:
  • For Additional accounts, you need to show us proof that the accounts do not belong to the same player.
  • For Smurfing, we request screenshots and information about the additional game accounts that the tracker found to be active on your Stryda account. 
  • For Stats Manipulation, you will be asked to provide video proof of your in-game gameplay. 

We value honesty above all else when dealing with these cases, so it's in your best interest to be open and honest with the information we ask from you. It will help speed up the appeal process and, in some cases, may allow us to be more lenient regarding the length of time of the ban.

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