How do I report Clan issues?

Modified on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 11:29 AM

Before making a report to the support team regarding issues encountered in Clans and their chat spaces, we ask that you read the following:

Community Code of Conduct
Clan Chat Code of Conduct
Clan Leader Code of Conduct
Terms and Conditions

We would like you to be sure that the claim you are making is legitimate and does, in fact, go against these guidelines or our Terms and Conditions.

This ensures we can take the correct actions and act as efficiently and quickly as possible.

NOTE: Making a report with all the required information makes it easier to assess the situation and could be perceived as an effort to waste our time or considered an attempt to make a false report about nonexistent problems.

We take false reporting very seriously, and if you are found to be engaging in such activity, you could find yourself subject to moderative actions or account suspensions. This applies to Clan or Clan chat issues and falsely reporting players for cheating or abusing our platform.

Required Information for Clan reports

The following requirements are necessary when making a report—it is in your best interest to provide everything we ask for.
  • Description: A detailed description of the situation you have encountered or experienced. Please provide as much context as possible surrounding what has happened, including anything that led to or resulted from it. This must include the day and time the situation started.
  • Clan name: Please provide the Clan name where the situation happened.
  • Clan URL: When you are on the Clan Page, copy the URL in the browser and paste it into the relevant field on the form. This is important to help us identify the correct Clan and the chat logs more accurately, where Clan names may be similar.
  • Clan Leader’s User ID: This can be found by visiting the Clan Leaders profile page. The URL will include a 16-digit number that will allow us to identify the Clan Leader in our system. This is important, especially when the Clan Leader is part of the situation you wish to report. Refer to this article if you need assistance finding it.
  • User IDs of those involved (including your own): This can be found by visiting a player’s profile page and copying the 16-digit number from the URL, which will help us greatly identify those involved more efficiently.
  • Screenshots: Please provide screenshots as evidence of the situation. This includes anything that has been sent in the Clan chat or from other sources relevant to the situation, from private messages on other social media or Discord, for example.

What next?

Once you have this information, please create a ticket with Customer Support. You can also use the support widget in the bottom right of the Stryda website.

Select FORM OPTION to get started.

Once we have received the reports, the Support and Community teams will evaluate the situation. We may come back to you asking for more information or to give you some advice.

Secondly, you can also report a certain message in your clan chat. Three dots will appear when hovering over the message. Click the dots and select report. This message will then automatically be sent to customer support for further review. We recommend you use this function for clear-cut messages that violate our code of conduct. If the issue is more complex, we strongly recommend you use the ticket form on the help page to paint a wider picture.

Please note that we may not always have the time to come back to you with our decisions on the situation, especially if we need to act quickly to moderate or enact bans due to the situation.

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