Why is my Stryda account blocked?

Modified on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 11:19 AM

Why does Stryda suspend users?

Stryda uses an internal flagging system that determines if a user should be reviewed for abusing the platform. The system takes in various data points to determine if the user should be flagged. Users can be flagged for different kinds of potential violations. The system itself does not suspend a user. Once a user has been flagged, it will be reviewed by a dedicated team that makes the final decision based on the data they have. We at Stryda give our users the benefit of the doubt, so a suspension is only in place if the reviewer is confident enough to suspend a user. 

When a user has been suspended, they have either breached the competitive rules, terms, and conditions or our code of conduct. It is crucial that these are followed, as they were agreed to when the account was created. It is your responsibility that you follow these rules and prevents your account from being used in a way that breaches these rules and terms by other parties. 

The suspension period varies depending on the violation type and the user's suspension history. If a user has been suspended previously, the suspension for the violation will be longer than for a user with no previous suspensions. The longer the suspension history, the longer the suspension. An account will be permanently banned if the user has an excessive suspension history. 

If applied, Stryda reserves the right to remove any funds if the user violates some of our rules and terms, and your ongoing brawl results will be removed. 

Blocked or additional accounts may not be deleted for up to 2 years since the account is blocked due to violating the platform’s Terms and Conditions.

How do I appeal my ban?

You appeal your ban by filling out the form. Make sure that you fill out all the required information in the form and keep the appeal informative regarding the violation you have been suspended for.

Your appeal will be prolonged or not reviewed at all if:

  1. If the appeal is not addressed and provide any further details about why your suspension should be lifted.

  2. If the appeal is from an email that is not connected to a Stryda account.

  3. If the appeal concerns another Stryda account. We will only discuss account suspensions with the owner of the suspended account.

  4. If the appeal is threatening or contains any aggressively worded text. 

Depending on the reason for the ban, temporary or not, different information might be needed or requested. Here are some things Customer Support, the Player Protection team, or the compliance team might ask for:

  • Game account nicknames

  • Video evidence (needs to be from 2nd person's perspective, minimum 5 minutes gameplay, the person playing must be fully visible at one point)

  • Name and date of birth

If you are genuine in your claim, kindly provide the information we require from you, respectfully, and the support team, along with the Player Protection team, will review their decision.

If we lack information, you fail to provide us with what we ask, or you feel that what has been provided does not meet the standards required to make an informed decision, your appeal may be denied.

In some cases, despite a routine appeal, the Player Protection team may still decide to keep the ban in place.

We value honesty above all else. For users that discuss the circumstances of their ban honestly, while we may not be able to lift it fully, we may consider making concessions on its duration.

You can appeal the decision regarding your ban that you have received within seven (7) days from the moment the decision was taken. The appeal needs to be sent to customer support and will then be reviewed by the Player Protection team.

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