Why was my withdrawal request denied?

Modified on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 10:57 AM

There could be several reasons why your withdrawal has been declined. Our system could have stopped you from making the request, or the request could have failed when trying to process the transaction from our end, or it was actively denied by our team during the compliance process.
The check is in place to ensure that each withdrawal request is checked for compliance and Player Protection measures. This, in turn, is to prevent any fraudulent actions on our platform and ensure that our policies are followed accordingly.
Our payment portal will let you know if something prevents you from making your withdrawal request. If you have successfully made a request and it was denied after that, you should receive an automated email to the same email address that is connected to your user account.
Some of the common reasons for an unsuccessful withdrawal request are:
  • The user has abused the platform
  • The withdrawal request has raised compliance concerns
  • The withdrawal request had an incomplete beneficiary or accountholder name 
  • The withdrawal request had incomplete/incorrect payment details 
  • The payment method does not belong to you personally
  • The payment method is not eligible for withdrawal due to regional restrictions
  • The payment method does not allow international transactions or does not accept the currency
  • The transaction can't be sent with the set currency
  • The transaction failed/bounced back from your payment issuer
  • The transaction wasn't able to be processed with the payment provider

I am having issues with manual banking, what is wrong?

Double-check with your bank that the following are correct (in addition to the above):
  • The bank account number is correct.
  • The SWIFT/BIC number is correct.
  • Canadian bank accounts require a transit number. Provide the bank account number and include the transit number, with the transit number typed in front of the account number.
  • Australian bank accounts require a 6-digit BSB number, enter it firstand then the bank account number.
  • Bank accounts in the USA that don't use SWIFT/BIC require a 9-digit routing number.
  • Mexican banks require a CLABE number in order to receive an international transaction.
You are responsible for ensuring that your payment method can receive international transactions. If you have any questions regarding what to provide or the conditions or restrictions for your payment method, please contact your bank. 
If you have any other questions or concerns regarding why your request was denied or unsuccessful, please contact customer support.

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