What are Stryda missions and how do they work?

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What are Stryda Missions?

MissionhaveStryda Missions are objectives you can complete across all Stryda-supported games. The games has different Missiom objectives. All you have to do is to reveal a Mission, play your game, complete the Mission, and claim your reward. By completing Missions you will be rewarded XP that will make you progress on your Battle Pass, once you hit a checkpoint in your Battle Pass you will be rewarded with coins, tokens, avatars, and profile banners.

How do I activate a Mission?

You activate a Mission by revealing a Mission in one of the twelve Mission slots. Once a Mission is revealed you will be handed a Mission with a specific rarity and an objective to complete the Mission. 

Play your game, and progress to achieve the objective. 

Please keep in mind, that once you have completed a Mission you have to close the Mission slot by claiming the reward for the completed Mission. 

What are Mission rarities?

The Mission will have one of four different rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary), and you will be rewarded differently for every completed Mission depending on which rarity the Mission has. Every time you reveal a new Mission, you have the chance of rolling a higher rarity, with Legendary being the highest, and also the hardest one to get. A higher rarity does not mean the Missions are more difficult, but more fun or unique, in what the goal is, and the higher the rarity the more XP they reward.

Reward value per rarity:

Common 50XP

Rare 75XP

Epic 100XP

Legendary 200XP

You will be rewarded an additional 50% XP per completed Mission as a Premium user.

How many Missions can I reveal per day?

You have twelve available Mission slots, and you can reveal five new Missions per day. As long as you have five open Mission slots every day you will be able to reveal the daily five Missions. E.g. If you have ten incompleted Missions pending on a given day, you will only be able to reveal two new Missions as you only have two open Mission slots. However, if you complete an additional two pending Missions on that given day, you will be able to reveal the remaining two Missions you haven't revealed yet for that day. 

You are not able to stack up Mission reveals for upcoming days if you weren't able to reveal five Missions for one day. 

How long time do I have to complete my Mission?

The Missions are tied with the Battle Pass, meaning that the Missions will reset when the Battle Pass resets. It resets every 14 days and you can keep track of when the Battle Pass ends on the countdown shown in the top right corner of the Battle Pass XP progression bar.

During the Battle Pass time period, you have no time limit on when you have to complete a revealed Mission. Each revealed Mission can be pending during the whole active Battle Pass. You can potentially complete twelve Missions in one day if you would have twelve pending Missions for that given day. 

Am I able to discard a revealed Mission?

As a Premium user, you will be able to discard a revealed Mission, and you will have three discards per day. You can for example discard a newly revealed Mission that you didn't like or an ongoing Mission that you feel is difficult to achieve. Once you have discarded a Mission you can reveal a new Mission. 

Non-Premium users are not able to discard any Missions. However, new non-premium users will be able to Discard one mission per day during their first 30 days at Stryda. Once those 30 days has passed the Discard function will be removed.

Can I reveal Missions for multiple games?

You can have active Missions for several games, but keep in mind that you are still tied to the twelve Mission slots, and you are only able to have twelve pending Missions across all games.

I have completed Missions but did not claim the rewards before the reset.

Don't worry, we will be able to detect any unclaimed Missions once there has been a reset. A claim reward button will appear for you to get rightfully rewarded for any unclaimed completed Missions. 

However, if you have incompleted Missions at a reset, those will be removed entirely and not be transferred to the next Battle Pass period. 

Are there any Premium benefits?

Yes! As a Premium user, you will be rewarded 50% extra XP for each completed Mission, which would give you as much as 300 XP for completing a Legendary Mission. You will run a higher chance to roll a higher rarity at Mission reveals, and you will also get three discards per day, giving you a chance to roll a Mission higher rarity or remove a Mission that is not to your liking. 

How does Stryda track my Missions? 

VALORANT, League of Legends, and PUBG require a game account connection on your Stryda account. You can connect your game account to your Stryda profile settings page. These games are tracked directly via API.

Apex Legends, Dota2, and Rocket League require the installation of the Stryda App and a plugin. 

I'm experiencing an issue with the Stryda Missions service.

For VALORANT, LoL, and PUBG, sometimes the stats take time to update. When you complete your game, you can click on UPDATE MY STATS to speed up the process of fetching your stats. 

You can report any issue you are experiencing on the platform by creating a ticket for our support team. Please provide as many details as possible as it is important for our support team to understand the behavior of the issue you are experiencing and it will speed up the process of solving the issue for you.


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